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In brief, Sifnos is reachable from the port of Piraeus in Athens. At least one ferry from Athens to Sifnos departs every day, with itineraries being added in the high season.
Both high-speed and conventional vessels operate the route. The crossing lasts 2.5 hours for the first option and 5-9 hours for the second.
A one-way standard ticket's price ranges from '35' 'EUR' (35 Euros) to '65.7' 'EUR' (65.7 Euros), depending on the type of ferry.

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Available ferries

Ferry Athens-Sifnos: Schedules, Companies & Tickets | FerriesinGreece (1)

The ferry Champion Jet 1 leaving Piraeus port

Disclaimer: The information provided below is based on previous years' data. To find the exact routes for your dates, please refer to our booking engine.

In summer, one to five ferries to Sifnos depart from Piraeus every day.
The earliest itinerary is at 6:45, 07:00, or 07:40, depending on the day. Respectively, the latest itinerary is either at 15:50 or at 22:30.

Indicative Ferry Routes from Piraeus port*

Schedules frequencyMultiple times per day

First boat06:45

Last boat22:30

Average duration03h52m

*Based on data from 2021-2022






Duration 02h30m

Price€65.70 - €84.70


Duration 05h15m

Price€43.50 - €125.50

Types of ferries operating

Ferry Athens-Sifnos: Schedules, Companies & Tickets | FerriesinGreece (4)

The ferry Dionysios Solomos on its way to the Cyclades

Visitors can reach the island via a conventional or high-speed vessel.
Overall, conventional ferries are larger and sail at slower speeds. They boast garages and have a high passenger and vehicle capacity.
High-speed crafts reach higher velocities due to their small size and jet motor technology; they have a limited passenger and vehicle capacity for the same reason. In addition, they are more prone to challenging weather conditions like strong winds.
Tickets for conventional ferries are more affordable as compared with high-speed crafts.

Distance & Duration of the trip

The distance between Piraeus and Sifnos is 76 nautical miles (87 miles or 141 kilometers).
The duration of the trip depends on the type of ferry you will opt for; a covnentional ferry (Zante/Aegean Sealines) needs 5-9 hours to reach Sifnos, while a high-speed vessel (Seajets) gets you there in 2.5 hours.
The quickest ferry is Champion Jet 2 by Seajets.

Prices & Tickets

Ticket prices start from '35' 'EUR' (35 Euros) for a standard seat in a conventional ferry and can reach '125.5' 'EUR' (125.5 Euros) for a luxury cabin with a view.
In particular, a standard ticket can cost up to '65.7' 'EUR' (65.7 Euros), depending on the type of ferry. Business and VIP seats are available on high-speed vessels, too. A business-class ticket is priced at '73.7' 'EUR' (73.7 Euros), while a VIP seat is at '84.7' 'EUR' (84.7 Euros). Moreover, conventional ferries offer cabins with or without a view. The rate starts from '60.5' 'EUR' (60.5 Euros).
Some groups of passengers can benefit from discounts offered by most ferry companies. After presenting the relevant documents, individuals can get a 50% discount if they are ISIC cardholders, children up to 10 years old, families with 3 or more children, or people with disabilities. Babies and toddlers travel for free with many companies, too.

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Types of seats

Passengers can book two types of seats in high-speed crafts; Standard airline seats and Business/VIP seats. Both are numbered seats; hence, after booking your ticket, a certain seat will be reserved for you. Standard airline seats are the most affordable option, while Business/VIP seats are more luxurious.

Conventional ferries offer an extra type of seat - standard economy seats. Individuals who book such tickets can sit in one of the designated interior spaces or on the deck. It is perhaps the most booked type of seat as it constitutes the cheapest alternative. Nonetheless, standard economy seats are not numbered. Therefore, a specific seat is not reserved for the ticketholder, even after booking the ticket. In order to find a comfortable place to sit, try to embark on the ferry as early as possible.

How to find your ferry in the port of Piraeus

Ferry Athens-Sifnos: Schedules, Companies & Tickets | FerriesinGreece (5)

Piraeus Port, the closest port to Athens' center

Ferries leaving for Sifnos and other islands of the Cyclades depart from Gates E6, E7 and E9 at Piraeus port. The gate of departure will also be written on your ticket. Keep in mind that Piraeus is a large port and the distances between the gates are long. For that reason, make sure to figure out where your gate of departure is in advance.
Don't get lost! Get our Piraeus port map!

The port of Sifnos is located in the area of Kamares, 5.5 km away from the island's capital, Apollonia. All ferries arrive and depart from there.

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Ferry companies in Greece are not very strict regarding luggage. Every passenger is allowed to carry up to 40 kg or 0.5 cubic meters of luggage. All ferries have a designated area for bulky objects, where individuals can leave their suitcases (or other items). You also have the choice to keep your luggage on board if you feel uncomfortable with being away from it. Taking your personal items (i.e. mobile phone, wallet, keys) upstairs and leaving the rest in the designated area is advisable.

Traveling with a car

In case you want to take your vehicle with you in Sifnos, all ferries reaching the island have a garage. You have to book an additional ticket for your car or motorbike first, in order to be able to transport it.
Conventional ferries offer large garages and can carry hundreds of vehicles. On the other hand, high-speed vessels have a limited vehicle capacity. It is recommended to book your tickets at your earliest convenience in both cases, but especially if you plan on traveling with a high-speed ferry.
Drivers need to be at the port at least one hour prior to departure to park their vehicles in the ferry’s garage.
After parking your vehicle, you will be asked to head upstairs. Until you arrive at Sifnos, you will not be permitted to enter the garage, so make sure to take everything you need with you on board.

Alternative ways to reach Sifnos

Sifnos does not boast an airport; thus you can only reach the island via ferry.
However, other islands of the Cyclades have an airport at their disposal. Santorini and Mykonos boast an international airport each, so it is possible to fly to one of the two islands from abroad and then take a ferry from Santorini to Sifnos or from Mykonos to Sifnos.
At the same time, Naxos, Paros and Milos have national airports. You can’t fly to any of them directly from abroad, but you can reach them after a transit stop at the International Airport of Athens. Afterward, you can board a ferry to Sifnos.

About Sifnos

Ferry Athens-Sifnos: Schedules, Companies & Tickets | FerriesinGreece (6)

The fishing harbour of the village of Kamares

Hosting traditional Cycladic villages, impressive windmills, quaint dovecots and enchanting beaches (among others), Sifnos is often characterized as the island of harmony and tasty delicacies.We have gathered the best things to see & do on the island in a mini-guide for Sifnos.

Where to go next?

After reviving at the heavenly island of Sifnos, many travelers opt for the neighboring Milos, which welcomes more and more guests every year but manages to maintain an overall serene ambiance. Paros is a more vivid alternative as, except for its magical beaches, it also houses several nightlife options. Lastly, Naxos is definitely to be considered, as it constitutes the most multi-faceted island of the Cyclades and can surpass the expectations of every type of traveler.

Photos of ferry vessels

Ferry Athens-Sifnos: Schedules, Companies & Tickets | FerriesinGreece (11)
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