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"Welcome back, Dr. Grey," Richard greeted her.

"Thank you, Dr. Webber, it's really nice to come back," she said with a smile.

"Are you ready for your first day back, Little Grey?" Derek asked her.

"Yes! I have been waiting for this day for a month," Lexie said excitedly.

"Well, today my sister Amy is going to join our team."

"And you are fine with this? I remember that last time you two-"

Derek cut her off and said, "I promise you that we will be more professional than the last time," and walked to the scan room.

"Oh no," Lexie said, walking after Derek.

The scan room

"Amy, this is my department. I am in charge."

"Derek, you have to trust me. I know I can remove this tumor," Amelia insisted.

"Amy, he has a year. A year with his loved ones. You can't take it away from him only because you think you can do it. Dr. Grey, what do you think of this?" He asked and looked at Lexie.

"Hmm, I don't know," Lexie told them in a nervous voice.

"You see? She knows that it's possible and is afraid to say it because of you!"

"Lexie isn't afraid of me. She just doesn't want to insult you."

"Oh, please, just let her talk."

"Speak up, Grey."

They moved their glaze on Lexie and found out she was gone.

"Where is she?" Derek asked.

"It's all your fault!" Amelia exclaimed.

In the hospital

Meredith scrubbed out of surgery and saw Lexie eating peanut butter cups.

"Tired already?" Meredith asked her sister.

Lexie jumped in shock and said, "Oh god, Meredith, you scared me. I still don't used seeing you in navy scrubs."

"Me neither. Sometimes it feels like I took the wrong scrubs," Meredith said with a laugh.

"So, how does it feel to be an attending?"

"Scary. When I was an intern, I thought that when I will be an attending, I would know everything. But I don't, and the interns see me as I used to see the attendings. So I'm doing what Bailey did with us—scare them."

"So, you were in surgery?"

"Yes, splenectomy. You're not supposed to be with Amelia and Derek?"

"They don't stop fighting, and I don't think it's only about the patient."

"What do you have?"

"Malignant Glioblastoma stage 4."

"Oh, tough. Do you think you can remove the tumor?"

"I have no idea. I barely had a chance to look at the scans."

"What happened to your photographic memory?"

"My photographic memory doesn't work so well when I'm really stressed."

"You want me to talk to them?"

"They are both stubborn as hell. I don't think that you could make them stop fighting," Lexie said as she put another peanut butter cup into her mouth.

"You are stubborn too, Lex. You don't need me. You absolutely can make them listen to you."

"I am not stubborn!" Lexie stated.

Meredith looked at Lexie with a familiar look.

"Ok. I'm stubborn, but they are not listening to me!"

The scan room

"Dr. Grey, where did you go?" Derek asked her.

"I went to... the bathroom," she told him.

"It took you so long?"

"They should add another bathroom... I had to walk a lot... it was pretty hard... with the crutches," Lexie rambled.

"The bathroom is right across the hall," Derek said with a confused look.

"Really? Wow, a lot has changed since the place crash," Lexie told him nervously.

"Where is Amelia?" Lexie asked after she noticed that Amelia wasn't there.

"She went to waste her time and go practice for the surgery," Derek said with an angry voice.


"I bet she is doing this only to try to prove that she's better than me. That's pathetic. She can't just use a patient for that."

"I don't think she-"

She was cut off by Derek, who said, "She doesn't understand that I know better than her. She has to accept that I am her boss and that-"


"You know what? I am tired of this. I'm going to tell her that she has to stop and grow up," Derek said leaving the room.

On call room

Lexie entered to the on call room to try and get some sleep. Suddenly, she got a call and smiled after she who was calling.

"How is your day?" Lexie asked

"Boring. I'm still doing nothing, as you told me." Mark responded.

"Great. I mean, it's great that you are resting,... not great that you are bored. Because this is not great at all," Lexie stuttered.

"Lex, is everything ok?"

"Yes!" she stated.

"You are rambling, so something is definitely wrong. What is it?"

"I'm sorry, I am nervous, but it's nothing serious. I think I'm just overreacting, and-"

She was cut off by Mark, who said, "Lex, just tell me what happened." He told her calmly.

"Well, I'm in Amelia and Derek's service today, and they fight all the time. I tried to talk to Derek, but he didn't listen to me."

"What are they fighting about?"

"A tumor removal, Derek says it's impossible, but Amelia insists she can do it."

"Oh no."

"They are both talented surgeons who saved so many people. We should be saving lives together, and instead I'm here, eating peanut butter cups."

"Lexie, now they are both acting like children, so you be the adult. This is their first day working together, of course they don't act professionally."

"So, are you saying I should babysit them?"

"Just make sure that they will be afraid to tease each other around you. Imagine that it's me that's teasing."

"That can work! Thank you, Mark. I love you. See you at home. Bye!"

"Wait Lex-"

Lexie hung up before Mark could say the whole sentence.

The practice lab

Lexie entered the practice lab and saw Amelia and Derek arguing again.

"It didn't work!"

"It worked pretty well before you came here."

"Are you saying that this is my fault?"

"I'm saying that you are stressing me out."

"Amelia, the surgery will be stressful. If you can't handle it when you're stressed out here, then you won't be able to handle it in the OR."

"You think I don't know how it feels in the OR?"

"Stop fighting!" Lexie screamed.

They both shut up and looked at Lexie, shocked.

"This is serious. This is a patient, a human who has family and friends. You two didn't stop fighting like kids from the morning. You are responsible for this man's life. You are supposed to focus on the patient!".

"We are, Little Grey," Derek told her.

"Really? Because all you have been doing all day is fighting and trying to show each other that you are better than the other. We are not a family here. We are surgeons, act like it. We can't be a team if you can't be professional with each other," she said, leaving the room quickly.

"That was..." Amelia said.

"A badass," Derek stated.


on-call room

Lexie walked into an on-call room, and was relieved to see that the only person there was Meredith.

"Lexie, are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm just..." Lexie couldn't finish her sentence.

"They keep fighting? Lexie, let me deal with those two, and I promise-"

"I yelled at them. I told them to act professionally and that they were acting like kids."

"Really? What did they say? Did it worked?"

"I have no idea. I just ran away."

"So just go in there!"

"I yelled at them, Meredith! Do you think Derek still wants me on his team?"

"I am yelling at him all the time, and he is still married to me," Meredith said sarcastically.

"Oh god. My brother hates me now! I lost my brother, and my career is over!"

"Lexie, calm down. What is wrong with you?"

"I don't know. What is wrong with me?" Lexie was really freaking out now.

"Lexie, stop!" Look at me and breathe."

Lexie and Meredith took a few deep breaths together.

"So Derek isn't mad at me?"

"No, Lex," Meredith smiled at her. She was so funny when she got nervous like that.

"Thank god," she said with a big sigh of relief and left the room.

Meredith walked after her but Lexie walked to fast so she raised her voice and asked, "What are you going to do?"

"What Mark told me!" Lexie yelled.

"Lexie, wait, what did Mark tell you?" Meredith screamed back.

"Oh no, Sloan, what did you do?" Meredith said to herself.

The practice lab

"So, we talked about it, and you were right. We were out of line. We promise to be professional at work," Amelia told her.

"You don't really have a choice," Lexie stated.

"What do you mean?" Derek asked confusedly.

"From this moment on, I am not going to be between you two. I don't want to hear any insults, comments, or fights. But just to be clear, I'm your mediator only during work. At home, you can kill each other. So Amelia, be nice to your brother, and Derek, you have to accept that your sister may be right."

"Why does she sound like our mother?" Derek whispered to Amelia.

"I don't want to hear any complaints. God, I sound like my grandmother," Lexie said.

Meredith's house

"You talked to one of our sisters recently?" Derek asked Amelia.

"No, and I don't want to. My all life all they did was humiliating me. You now that," Amelia responded.

"What is Lexie doing here?" Amelia asked as they stood next to her room.

"I don't know, Amy. Maybe because she lives here?"

"She told me she is staying with Mark today," Amelia whispered as they went into the room.

"Lexie, you are not sleeping at Mark's place tonight?" Derek asked her.

"Yes. I just came to grab some things," Lexie said as she grabbed clothes.

"Why are you taking half of your closet? He already saw you naked," Amelia said with a laugh.

"That's not your business, Amy," Derek told her.

"You should definitely take this shirt. It's so hot," Amelia told her.

"I'm out of here," Derek said, leaving Lexie's room.

Amelia and Lexie didn't even notice that Derek was gone.

"I'm not a terrible woman, Amelia, I didn't bring the hot clothes."

Mark's bedroom

"I missed you so much today," Lexie said and kissed Mark.

"I missed you too."

"How did you pack it? Meredith or Derek helped you?"

"Alexandra Caroline Grey!"

"It was so much easier without the crutches. I swear I didn't walk a lot!"

"You have to be careful, Lex!"

"I'm sorry. I promise I will be more careful."

"How was work? After the all Amelia and Derek thing?"

"I yelled at them." Lexie said and Mark started to laugh. "I told them to act like adults. I swear I sounded just like my grandmother." Mark laughed harder.

"I like it when you are being bossy. It's hot," Mark said with his Mcsteamy face.

"So you should meet my grandmother. You would like her. She is bossy all the time," Lexie said sarcastically.

Mark laughed and said, "At least you don't have to deal with this at home."

"Yeah, we should definitely not invite them to our wedding," she said with a laugh.

"Did you think about our wedding?" Mark asked surprisingly.

"Of course I did. I wanted to get married at the hospital, right after you woke up, but Meredith told me we should wait so we can do it properly."

Mark kissed Lexie deeply. Lexie really wanted to marry him.

"How do you want our wedding to be?" Mark asked her after they pulled away.

"I don't know. When I was a kid, I thought I would have a big wedding with a big cake. But I also thought my mother was going to be there."

"Oh, Lex," Mark said as he hugged her tightly.

"But I didn't think that my big sister was going to be there. I didn't know about Meredith as a kid, but I always imagined having a big sister. I am so happy with my life right now."

Mark kissed her forehead. He was also happy with his life now, with Sofia, Lexie, Callie, and Arizona in it. He couldn't wait to have kids with Lexie.

At night

Mark woke up after he heard his phone ringing. He groaned and sat up on the bed.

"Mark, where is Lexie? Is she with you?" Meredith asked with panic.

"Yes, she is sleeping. Is everything ok?"

"Just let me talk to her!" Meredith cried.

Mark Woke up Lexie. Seeing Mark's face, Lexie realized something was wrong and asked ," Mark, what happened?"

"It's Meredith," Mark said, giving her the phone.

"Lexie, you didn't answer your calls!"

"Meredith, it's the middle of the night."

"I was so worried!"

"Meredith, is everything ok?"

"No! You weren't in bed, and you didn't answer your calls. I was so worried."

"I told you that I am sleeping in Mark's place. Mer, where is Derek?"

"He is sleeping."

"So wake him up," Lexie told her.

"No! He is sleeping."

"Meredith, tomorrow I am going to tell him what happened, and he is going to be mad. Wake him up now!"

Mark and Lexie listened to Derek try to calm Meredith down. Lexie started crying quietly, while Mark hugged her tightly. After a few minutes, Meredith's sobs stopped.

"She fell asleep," Derek told them.

"I'm coming now!" Lexie stated.

"You don't have to. I am with her. It's the nightmares. Usually, she goes to your room, sees that you are ok, and goes back to sleep. But tonight... Lexie, everything is ok. I'll call you if something happens," Derek told her, and hung up the phone.

"Lex, thats ok, it was just a nightmare, Meredith is fine," Mark told her.

"You don't know that!"

"Do you still have nightmares?"

"Sometimes. Mostly is about you tell Arizona that I am waiting for you, and then you die and find out I am still here."

"So do I. Remember the night when Derek caught us talking? I couldn't sleep after a nightmare that you died."

Lexie came closer to Mark as she could. This night was the best sleep they'd gotten in more than a year. They are finally together and able to hold each other after a nightmare.

Near the nurses station

Lexie was really worried about Meredith. She called Derek in the morning, and he said she was fine, but she really had to see her, so she came to the hospital early to see Meredith before work.

"Meredith, I am so sorry. I"ll stay at your house for as long as you need."

"Thank you, Lexie, but I'm fine. You should be with Mark after all the time you two lost together."

"I don't want to lose any more time with you either. I can't just let my sister suffer because of me."

"It's not because of you. You couldn't do anything about the whole plane crash thing. You were a victim too."

"I can do something now! I can be with you!"

"Sometimes I am still not used to having people that I love so much. I really loved my mother, but she was awful. I didn't know what family was until I met you, Zola, Derek, and Cristina. My psychiatrist told me that the nightmares are so scary because that's what you mean to me. I am so happy to see you or hear your voice every time I wake up from my nightmares. I love you, Lexie."

"I love you too," Lexie said and hugged her didn't notice to Jo and Stephanie, that were pretty close to them.

"Have I heard right?" Jo asked.

"Medusa has a heart!" Stephanie stated.

A few days later-Mark's apartment

Mark heard knocks at the door and went to open it. He found Arizona and Callie at the door with a sleeping Sofia.

"So, I thought you two could spend some time together with Sofia. You both are lonely you could give each other company."

Mark looked at Callie and Arizona with a confused look.

"Don't look at me like that. She made me," Arizona said.

After Callie left, there was an embracing silence.

"Why has she brought you now? Sofia will wakes up in an hour."

"I had a nightmare yesterday. I think she brought me here because she was too worried," Arizona told him.

"I get it. I got really worried when Lexie told me she had nightmares. Especially when she told me that they are about me telling you that she was waiting for me. When did you tell her that?

"I didn't tell her that."

"Have you told someone?"

"No. I just told everyone you wanted to die and be with Lexie, but I didn't say that she was waiting for you."

"So how did she know?" Mark asked confused.

"I don't know. You should talk to Amelia. Lexie was weird for a few days, and after Amelia talked to her, she got better."

So Mark called Amelia. He had to find out what was wrong with Lexie.

"What is wrong with Lexie?"

"Good morning, Amelia. How are you doing?"

"Cut the bullshit, Amelia. Something is wrong with Lexie, and I want to know what," Mark told her.

"Why do you think there is something wrong with her?" She asked him.

"Arizona told me Lexie had been depressed for a few days and was acting weird after the plane crash. She seemed fine to me, so I thought that it was just the shock and the trauma. But she's not telling me something, and I am worried."

"Mark, it's fine."

"Nothing is fine! Something is wrong with Lexie, and I don't know what!"

Amelia took a deep breath and said, "At first, she was fine, but then she went to see you. They didn't let her, but she saw you anyway. Like Arizona told you, Lexie was depressed for a few days. Meredith and I tried to find out why, and after two days, I finally got it out. She heard everything when you thought she was dead."

Mark realized that she heard everything. All of them crying over her, him screaming in pain, and she couldn't have done nothing.

He didn't remember a lot from the plane crash, but it was scary. They were pretty close to Lexie. Mark didn't leave her side, so Meredith and Cristina have brought Arizona to him so that she can convince him to let them treat him.

Lexie wasn't fine. She never keeps secrets. Only knowing that she has secrets makes Lexie nervous, and she's doing it alone for a month with all her truma. After what happened after the shooting, he couldn't let her be alone, so when Arizona fell asleep, Mark left his apartment.

The supply closet

Lexie came into the closet to take medical supplies that Amelia needed for the surgery. It was hard with the crutches, but she learned how to deal with this situation. She didn't operate much and couldn't stand for a lot of time, but she was so happy to watch surgeries again. Callie told her that she could be without them in two weeks.

"I am so sorry," Mark said, hugging Lexie.

"What are you doing here? How did you get here? I took your keys!"

"I took a cab."

"You had heart surgery! I'm paging cardio," Lexie stated with panic and searched for her pager.

"Lexie, I am fine," Mark told her.

Suddenly, they saw Callie, who was really surprised to see Mark in the hospital.

"What happened? Where are Sofia and Arizona?" Callie asked with panic.

"They are fine, Torres. They are at home," Mark told her.

"So what are you doing here? Is everything ok with your heart?" Callie asked worriedly.

"His heart looks fine, I think that his brain is the problem here," Lexie said angrily.

"Lexie, calm down," Mark told her.

"You don't get to tell me to calm down. You could have hurt yourself! You had a heart surgery just a few days ago, and you are acting like you are made of titanium."

"I think I'll give you some time alone," Callie said and left the room.

"What are talking about?"

"About you hiding from everyone that you could hear everything in the crash. How could you hide it? Maybe I risked my physical health, but you risked your mental health."

Lexie looked at him, surprised. Amelia has most likely told him! She was the only one who knew.

"Mark, we all have trauma. You were in a coma, Cristina couldn't speak, Derek with his hand, I just hadn't the time."

"You had the whole month to tell them about that!" They were yelling now.

"I was so worried about you that I barely thought about that."

"So why were you so depressed for a few days?"

"Because you were in a coma!"

"Arizona told me that after Amelia talked to you, you were better."

"Because she told me to do it for you!" she yelled.

"Everybody did. She was the only one who knew about that. So maybe the hiding did hurt you?"

"I'm not having this conversation with you right now. I have a lot of work to do," she said as she left the room.

Near the nurses station

"I can't believe you told Mark! You promised."

"Lexie, Mark was so worried. I had to tell him."

"You don't. You could have said that I felt guilty for his condition."

"You can't just hide it from them forever. It would have killed you, Lexie, and at some point it would have affected your relationship with him."

"He had a heart surgery! He needs to rest. He can't deal with this right now."

"So do you. If it was him instead, wouldn't you want to know?"

"Yes... but-"

"If he didn't know, he would always be afraid and wouldn't trust you. You are not protecting Mark; you are hiding from him. You are talking about how life is short, but you just had a very stupid fight with Mark."

"This isn't stupid!"

"It is. You are so worried about Mark, and so is he, and instead of supporting each other, you are fighting about the fact that you both care. Is this stupid fight really worth this much time?"

"I have to go," Lexie told her, and rushed out of the room.

Amelia gave Lexie a small smile and got back to her work.

Owen's Office

After Lexie left, Owen saw Mark. He got upset when he saw him, but after a little while, they started talking and laughing like friends.

Lexie ran to Mark and said, "Mark, I'm so sorry," as she hugging him. After they pulled away from the hug, Lexie kissed Mark deeply. They forgot about Owen, who was very embarrassed and uncomfortable to see the couple kissing.

"Lexie!" Owen called.

That wasn't really helpful because Mark and Lexie didn't hear Owen or that didn't even care.

"Dr. Grey!"

After she heard Owen calling her by her professional name, Lexie remembered that she was still in the middle of her shift and pulled away from Mark.

"I'm so sorry. Chief, I know my shift is over in only an hour, but can I go now? Derek told me that they only have to ask the patient for a consent," Lexie asked Owen.

"Do whatever you want and just get out of here."

Mark and Lexie left Owen's room laughing and happy.

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