LA Times Crossword Answers Sunday May 21st 2023 (2023)

LA Times Crossword Answers Sunday May 21st 2023 (1)

Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Sunday May 21st 2023, LA Times crossword puzzle.


1 Chow __: noodle dish : MEIN
Chow Mein is a popular Chinese noodle dish. It typically consists of stir-fried noodles, vegetables, and often includes some type of meat or seafood. The term “mein” refers to noodles in Chinese cuisine.

5 Sp. girls : SRTAS
“Srtas” is an abbreviation for “señoritas” in Spanish. Señoritas means young ladies or girls in English.

10 USDA Choice, e.g. : GRADE
When referring to USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Choice, “grade” is used to indicate the quality or grade of meat. USDA Choice is a specific grade of beef that indicates a higher level of marbling and tenderness compared to lower grades.

15 Vinegar, chemically : ACID
Vinegar is a sour-tasting liquid that is commonly used in cooking and food preparation. Chemically, vinegar is an acid, specifically acetic acid, which gives it its distinctive taste and properties.

19 Peak near Catania : ETNA
Mount Etna is a well-known active volcano located on the east coast of Sicily, near the city of Catania in Italy. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is a popular tourist attraction.

20 Economical with words : TERSE
When someone is described as being “terse,” it means they are using very few words to express themselves. Being economical with words often implies being concise and to the point, without unnecessary elaboration.

21 Collar extension : LAPEL
A lapel is the folded extension of a garment, usually a jacket or coat, that is turned back from the front and typically notched. It is often found on formal wear or suits and serves as a decorative and functional element of the collar.

22 Support staff? : CANE
In this crossword clue, “support staff” is a play on words. The word “cane” can refer to a walking cane, which provides support to individuals with mobility issues. It is a clever use of the word “support” in a different context.

23 The lazy housekeeper … : LET THE DUST SETTLE
This crossword clue is a playful phrase that uses wordplay. The phrase “let the dust settle” is often used figuratively to mean allowing a situation to calm down or become clear before taking action. In the context of a lazy housekeeper, it suggests that the housekeeper is not actively cleaning and is letting the dust accumulate.

26 Rootless water plant : ALGA
An alga is a type of simple, photosynthetic organism that can be found in aquatic environments. Unlike plants with roots, algae do not have true roots and are instead anchored or floating in water. They can range in size from microscopic single-celled organisms to larger, multicellular forms.

27 “Lost in transit” inquiry : TRACER
A tracer in this context refers to an inquiry or investigation into an item or package that has gone missing during transit. It is a way to track and locate lost or misplaced shipments. Tracers are commonly used in logistics and shipping industries to trace the whereabouts of packages or goods.

28 Natural gas component : ETHANE
Ethane is a component of natural gas, which is a fossil fuel primarily composed of methane. It is a hydrocarbon that consists of two carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms. Ethane is often used as a fuel and in the production of various chemicals and plastics.

29 Sent through a network : EMAILED
To “email” refers to the act of sending electronic messages over a computer network. It has become one of the most common and convenient methods of communication in modern times. Email messages are composed and sent electronically using email clients or web-based email services, allowing for near-instantaneous transmission of information over networks.

31 Charm: ENCHANT
To charm someone is to captivate or delight them with one’s personality, behavior, or appearance. It involves creating an enchanting or magical effect that draws others in. The word “enchant” can also mean to cast a spell or use magic to fascinate or mesmerize.

33 Like some inscriptions: UNDATED
Inscriptions that are “undated” lack a specific date or time indication. They do not provide information about when the inscription was made or when an event occurred. This term is often used in historical or archaeological contexts when the dating of an inscription is uncertain or unknown.

35 WSW reversal: ENE
The abbreviation “WSW” stands for “west-southwest,” which is a compass direction. In this crossword clue, “reversal” indicates that the direction should be flipped or reversed. So, “WSW reversal” becomes “ENE,” which stands for “east-northeast,” the opposite direction.

36 Police dept. title: DET
“Det” is short for “detective,” a title or rank within a police department. Detectives are law enforcement officers who are responsible for investigating crimes, gathering evidence, and solving cases. They often work closely with uniformed police officers to solve complex or serious crimes.

37 John Bunyan, notably: PURITAN
John Bunyan was a notable English writer and preacher who lived in the 17th century. He is best known for his work “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” an allegorical novel that depicts the journey of a character named Christian. The term “Puritan” refers to a religious movement that sought to purify the Church of England during the same time period. Bunyan was a prominent figure among the Puritans, and his writings reflect their beliefs and values.

41 Await decision: PEND
When something is said to “pend,” it means it is awaiting a decision or resolution. It is in a state of being undecided or pending further action. The term is often used when describing legal cases, where a decision or judgment is pending and has not yet been reached.

42 Dull brown: DUN
“Dun” is a term used to describe a dull brown color. It can refer to a range of shades that are dark, muted, or lacking vibrancy. The term is often used in the context of describing the color of animals, particularly horses, where “dun” refers to a specific shade of brownish-gray coat color.

43 The disruptive hairstylist … : MADE WAVES
In this crossword clue, the phrase “made waves” is used figuratively to describe the actions of a disruptive hairstylist. “Making waves” means causing a commotion or disturbance, often by challenging the status quo or traditional practices. In the context of a hairstylist, it suggests that they are creating significant changes or disruptions in the hairdressing industry or among their clients.

46 Leaning: TILTED
When something is described as “tilted,” it means it is not perfectly straight or level. It is inclined or slanted at an angle. The term is often used to describe physical objects or structures that are leaning to one side.

48 Hoops player: CAGER
In the context of basketball, a “cager” is a term used to refer to a basketball player. The term originated from the early days of basketball when games were often played in cages or fenced-in courts to prevent the ball from going out of bounds. Over time, the term “cager” became synonymous with basketball players.

53 First name in Renaissance painting: MONA
In the context of Renaissance painting, “Mona” refers to the famous painting “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is one of the most iconic and recognizable works of art in the world. It depicts a woman with a mysterious smile and has captivated audiences for centuries.

54 Singles: ONES
In this crossword clue, “singles” refers to individual units or items. It can be interpreted as a term for individual songs released separately from an album, where “ones” may refer to single tracks. Additionally, “ones” can simply mean individual objects or entities, emphasizing the singularity or uniqueness of each item.

56 “Can’t help ya”: NAH
The term “nah” is an informal way of saying “no” or indicating a negative response. It is often used in casual conversations or informal settings to decline or reject something. It can also express disagreement or a lack of willingness to assist or comply with a request.

57 Breakdown of social norms: ANOMIE
“Anomie” refers to a breakdown or absence of social norms, values, or standards. It is a term often used in sociology to describe a state of normlessness or societal instability. When there is a lack of shared norms and a breakdown in social cohesion, individuals may feel disconnected or alienated from society. Anomie can lead to a sense of confusion, disorientation, or deviant behavior.

59 Former capital of Japan: KYOTO
Kyoto is a city in Japan that served as the country’s capital for over a thousand years until the capital was moved to Tokyo in 1868. Kyoto is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and numerous temples, shrines, and traditional gardens. It remains an important cultural and tourist destination, renowned for its preserved architecture and traditional arts.

61 Big cat voiced by Angelina Jolie in “Kung Fu Panda”: TIGRESS
In the animated film franchise “Kung Fu Panda,” Tigress is a major character and a member of the Furious Five, a group of skilled martial artists. Tigress is a big cat, specifically a tiger, and is known for her strength, agility, and determination. In the films, the character of Tigress is voiced by actress Angelina Jolie.

65 Domed halls: ROTUNDAS
A rotunda is a building or hall with a rounded or circular shape, often characterized by a dome or cupola at the top. Rotundas can be found in various architectural styles and are commonly used as gathering spaces, ceremonial halls, or architectural features in buildings. The circular design of a rotunda often creates a sense of grandeur and architectural elegance.

68 Nibbled (at): PECKED
When something is “pecked” at, it means it is being nibbled or bitten at repeatedly, typically in small, quick bites. The term “pecked” is often used to describe the behavior of birds when they eat by pecking at their food, such as pecking at seeds or insects.

70 Rush-order letters: ASAP
“ASAP” is an acronym that stands for “as soon as possible.” In the context of the crossword clue, the letters “ASAP” represent an urgent request or instruction for something to be done quickly or without delay. It is commonly used in business and informal communication to emphasize the need for prompt action.

71 Scrap: ORT
The term “ort” refers to a small scrap or leftover piece of food, typically used in the context of leftovers from a meal. It can also refer more broadly to any small, useless or leftover item. The word “ort” is often used in a figurative sense to represent something insignificant or of little value.

72 The fashionable archaeologist … : DUG IN HER HEELS
This crossword clue is a play on words. “Dug in her heels” is an idiom that means to stubbornly resist or refuse to change one’s opinion or course of action. In the context of the fashionable archaeologist, it suggests that despite being fashionable, she remains determined and unyielding in her beliefs or choices.

76 Color gradation: HUE
In the context of color, a “hue” refers to a particular shade or tint. It is one of the basic properties of color and represents the purest form of a color without any added shades or tones. Hue is often used to describe the general classification of colors, such as red, blue, or green.

77 “The Wizard of Oz” actor: LAHR
Bert Lahr was an American actor best known for his portrayal of the Cowardly Lion in the classic film “The Wizard of Oz.” Lahr’s performance as the Cowardly Lion was widely praised for his comedic timing and physicality. His portrayal of the iconic character has become an enduring part of the film’s legacy.

79 New __, Connecticut: CANAAN
Canaan is a town located in Connecticut, United States. It is often referred to as “New Canaan” to distinguish it from other places with the same name. New Canaan is known for its picturesque landscapes, affluent residential areas, and charming downtown area.

80 Part of a wedding toast, maybe: ANECDOTE
An anecdote is a short, entertaining story or episode that is often shared in social settings or conversations. In the context of a wedding toast, an anecdote can be a personal or humorous story about the couple, their relationship, or an event related to their journey together. Anecdotes are often used to add a personal touch and create a lighthearted or sentimental atmosphere during a wedding celebration.

82 Summer pest, informally: SKEETER
“Skeeter” is an informal term used to refer to a mosquito, which is a common summer pest known for its irritating bites. The term “skeeter” is often used in colloquial language, particularly in regions where mosquitoes are prevalent.

84 Workbench grips: VISES
A vise is a mechanical tool or device that is used to hold objects firmly in place during various types of work, particularly on a workbench or in a workshop setting. Vises consist of two jaws that can be tightened together to secure an object. They are commonly used by carpenters, metalworkers, and other craftsmen to provide a stable and secure grip on materials.

87 Moved suddenly: DARTED
When something “darted,” it means it moved quickly and suddenly in a particular direction. The term is often used to describe rapid and agile movements, similar to how a dart, a small pointed object used in the game of darts, swiftly moves through the air towards its target. “Darted” can also be used to describe sudden and purposeful movements made by people or animals.

88 “His Dark Materials” cable network: HBO
HBO, which stands for Home Box Office, is a cable and satellite television network known for producing and airing high-quality original programming. In the context of the crossword clue, HBO is the network that aired the television series adaptation of the fantasy book series “His Dark Materials” written by Philip Pullman. HBO is renowned for its critically acclaimed shows and has been a pioneer in delivering premium content to viewers.

89 Arctic native: SEAL
The term “seal” refers to a variety of marine mammals that are native to the Arctic region. Seals are characterized by their streamlined bodies, flippers, and ability to live in both water and on land. They play an important role in the Arctic ecosystem and are adapted to survive in cold environments.

91 Math points: LOCI
In mathematics, “loci” refers to a set of points that satisfy a particular condition or criteria. It can be used to describe the positions or locations of points in relation to a given geometric figure or equation. In the context of the crossword clue, “math points” refers to the concept of loci and how points can be defined based on mathematical conditions.

94 “One Minute Man” rapper Elliott: MISSY
Missy Elliott is a highly successful American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. She has achieved significant recognition and success in the music industry and is known for her innovative and boundary-pushing style. “One Minute Man” is one of Missy Elliott’s popular songs and showcases her unique rap and vocal abilities.

95 Salt, say: SEASON
In the context of the crossword clue, “season” refers to the act of adding salt or other spices to enhance the flavor of food. Salt is a common seasoning used in cooking to enhance taste and bring out the flavors of ingredients. However, “season” can also refer more broadly to the process of adding various herbs, spices, or other flavorings to dishes to enhance their overall taste and appeal.

98 The overzealous electrician … : BLEW A FUSE
This crossword clue uses wordplay to create a humorous scenario. “Blew a fuse” is an idiomatic expression that means someone became extremely angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed. In the context of an overzealous electrician, it suggests that the electrician became so enthusiastic or intense in their work that they caused an electrical circuit to overload and blow a fuse, resulting in a power outage or electrical malfunction.

101 System of connected PCs, for short: LAN
LAN stands for Local Area Network, which is a computer network that connects devices within a limited geographic area such as a home, office, or building. LANs are used to facilitate communication and data sharing between computers and other devices within the network. They enable resource sharing, file sharing, and collaboration among connected devices in a localized environment.

102 Fast-food option: TO-GO
In the context of fast food, “to-go” refers to a type of service where customers order their food to be taken away and consumed elsewhere. It implies that the food is prepared and packaged for convenient takeaway, allowing customers to enjoy their meal outside of the restaurant premises. This option is popular for those who prefer a quick and portable meal.

104 For all __ and purposes: INTENTS
The phrase “for all intents and purposes” is an idiomatic expression that means essentially or practically. It is used to emphasize that something is true or effective in all practical aspects, even if it may not be strictly accurate or legally defined. The phrase is often used to convey the overall effect or practical outcome of a situation or action.

106 Air traffic org.: FAA
FAA stands for the Federal Aviation Administration, which is an agency of the United States Department of Transportation. The FAA is responsible for regulating and overseeing civil aviation within the United States. Its main areas of authority include air traffic control, aircraft safety, pilot licensing, and the development of aviation regulations and standards.

109 Unit of energy: ERG
The erg is a metric unit of energy or work. It is a small unit of measurement commonly used in physics and engineering. The erg is equivalent to the work done by a force of one dyne exerted over a distance of one centimeter. While the erg is not widely used in everyday contexts, it is still utilized in certain scientific and technical applications.

110 Showed plainly: EVINCED
When something is “evinced,” it means it is demonstrated, revealed, or shown plainly. The term implies that evidence, signs, or actions make something evident or apparent to others. It is often used to describe situations where something is clearly and convincingly expressed or displayed, leaving no doubt about its presence or nature.

113 Behind, in a way: TAILING
In this context, “tailing” refers to following someone or something closely, usually in a discrete or inconspicuous manner. It can imply surveillance or keeping someone under observation from a distance. “Tailing” suggests being behind someone or something, whether physically or metaphorically, in a way that allows for observation or monitoring.

115 Lumbered: PLODDED
When someone or something “plods,” it means they move slowly, heavily, and laboriously. The term is often associated with a slow, trudging gait, indicating a lack of energy or enthusiasm. “Lumbered” is a synonym for “plodded” and implies a similar slow and awkward movement, often with the added notion of heaviness or clumsiness.

117 Playing fields: ARENAS
In the context of the crossword clue, “arenas” refers to spaces or venues where sports or other competitive activities take place. These areas are specifically designed and equipped for various types of games, matches, or performances. Arenas can range in size and can be indoor or outdoor facilities, accommodating different sports like basketball, hockey, or tennis.

121 Farm: GRANGE
A “grange” typically refers to a farm or agricultural property. It can also refer to an association or organization that supports farmers and rural communities. In the United States, the term “grange” specifically refers to the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, which is a fraternal organization founded in 1867 to promote the interests of farmers and rural communities.

122 Vegan protein: TOFU
Tofu is a popular plant-based protein source commonly used in vegan and vegetarian diets. It is made by coagulating soy milk and pressing the resulting curds into blocks. Tofu is known for its mild flavor and versatile texture, making it a common ingredient in a wide range of dishes. It is a staple in many Asian cuisines and is valued for its nutritional content, including its high protein content.

123 The absent-minded dentist …: LEFT AN IMPRESSION
This crossword clue uses wordplay to create a humorous scenario. “Left an impression” is a phrase that can have multiple meanings. In the context of the absent-minded dentist, it suggests that the dentist unintentionally left a physical impression, such as a mark or indentation, on a patient’s mouth or teeth. It plays on the dual meaning of “impression” as both a dental term and a figurative expression related to memory or forgetfulness.

126 Footnote note: IBID
“Ibid” is an abbreviation derived from the Latin word “ibidem,” which means “in the same place.” In the context of footnotes, “ibid” is used to indicate that a citation or reference comes from the same source as the previous one. It is often employed to avoid repeating the complete citation and instead directs readers to the previous source mentioned.

127 “100 years of improvement” retailer: LOWE’S
Lowe’s is a retail company specializing in home improvement products and services. With the tagline “100 years of improvement,” it highlights its long history and expertise in the home improvement industry. Lowe’s operates a chain of stores across the United States and offers a wide range of products, including building materials, tools, appliances, and gardening supplies.

128 Burrowing bug: BORER
A “borer” is an insect that has the ability to burrow or tunnel into various materials, such as wood, plant stems, or fruits. Borers typically lay their eggs in these materials, and their larvae bore through them as they feed and develop. This activity can cause damage to trees, crops, or wooden structures. Borers encompass various insect species, including beetles and moths, that share this burrowing behavior.


1 Like cheese in a fondue pot: MELTED
In the context of a fondue pot, “melted” refers to the state of cheese when it is heated and transformed into a smooth, liquid consistency. Fondue is a dish where cheese is melted in a pot and typically served with various dippable items like bread or vegetables. The cheese is heated until it becomes molten and creamy, creating a delicious and indulgent dipping sauce.

2 Timeless, poetically: ETERNE
The term “eterne” is a poetic and archaic form of the word “eternal.” It conveys the concept of being timeless or everlasting. In poetry, “eterne” may be used to evoke a sense of permanence or enduring qualities that transcend the boundaries of time.

3 Still together: INTACT
When something is described as being “intact,” it means it remains whole or complete, without any damage, alteration, or separation. It suggests that all the components or elements are still present and undisturbed, maintaining their original state or condition. The phrase “still together” implies that nothing has been disrupted or broken apart, emphasizing the unity or coherence of the subject.

4 Super casual “Sure!”: NATCH
“Natch” is an informal abbreviation of the word “naturally.” It is a colloquial term often used in casual conversation to express agreement, confirmation, or a willingness to go along with something. “Sure!” is an affirmative response, indicating a positive and willing attitude towards a request or proposition. When combined, “Sure! Natch” creates an even more casual and emphatic response, expressing enthusiastic agreement.

5 Breastbone: STERNUM
The sternum is a long, flat bone located in the center of the chest. It is commonly referred to as the breastbone and serves as a point of attachment for the ribs. The sternum plays a crucial role in protecting the heart, lungs, and major blood vessels.

6 Wine choice: RED
In the context of wine selection, “red” refers to a category of wines characterized by their red or dark color, which is derived from the grape skins during the winemaking process. Red wines are typically made from dark-skinned grapes and undergo fermentation with the grape skins to extract flavors, tannins, and pigments. Common examples of red wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Shiraz.

7 Factual: TRUE
When something is described as “factual,” it means it is based on facts or reality. It indicates that the information or statement is accurate, true, and supported by evidence or documentation. In contrast to subjective or speculative claims, factual statements are verifiable and can be objectively proven or confirmed.

8 Support staff member: Abbr. : ASST
In the context of the crossword clue, “ASST” is an abbreviation for “assistant.” It refers to a member of a support staff who provides aid, help, or support to someone in a professional or administrative capacity. Assistants often assist with tasks, organization, coordination, and other duties to facilitate the smooth functioning of an individual or organization.

9 “The Orville” star MacFarlane: SETH
Seth MacFarlane is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and singer. He is best known as the creator of animated television shows such as “Family Guy,” “American Dad!,” and “The Cleveland Show.” In addition to his work as a voice actor, MacFarlane has also appeared in live-action roles. “The Orville” is a science fiction comedy-drama television series created by MacFarlane, who also stars in the show.

10 Mercury Seven astronaut John: GLENN
John Glenn was an American astronaut and U.S. Senator. He was one of the original seven astronauts selected for NASA’s Mercury program, known as the “Mercury Seven.” Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth, completing three orbits aboard the Friendship 7 spacecraft in 1962. He later pursued a career in politics and served as a U.S. Senator from Ohio.

11 Had status: RATED
In the context of the crossword clue, “rated” suggests that someone or something has been assigned a particular level or rank based on a standardized assessment or evaluation. It can refer to the classification or categorization of a movie, television show, video game, or other forms of media based on their content suitability for different audiences. “Rated” can also pertain to evaluating the quality or performance of someone or something.

12 Fitting: APT
When something is described as “apt,” it means it is appropriate, suitable, or fitting for a particular purpose or situation. The term implies that there is a natural correspondence or relevance between the subject and its context. An “apt” description or choice suggests a high degree of relevance, accuracy, or suitability.

13 Take out: DELETE
In the context of the crossword clue, “delete” refers to the action of removing or erasing something, typically from a document, file, or digital medium. It signifies the act of eliminating or eradicating specific content, data, or information. “Take out” is a colloquial expression that can be used interchangeably with “delete” to convey the action of removing or excluding something.

14 Periodic-table entry: ELEMENT
In the context of the crossword clue, “element” refers to a fundamental substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical means. Elements are the basic building blocks of matter and are represented on the periodic table. Each element is uniquely characterized by its atomic number, symbol, and atomic weight. Examples of elements include hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and gold.

15 Berry native to the Amazon rainforest: ACAI
The acai berry is a small, dark purple fruit that grows on the acai palm tree, which is native to the Amazon rainforest in South America. It is known for its rich antioxidant properties and is often touted as a superfood. Acai berries are commonly consumed in smoothies, bowls, juices, or as a supplement due to their potential health benefits and nutritional value.

16 The psychic bartender…: CALLED THE SHOTS
This crossword clue creates a playful scenario with wordplay. A “psychic bartender” implies that the bartender has supernatural abilities to predict or foresee events. The phrase “called the shots” is an idiomatic expression that means to be in charge or have control over a situation. In this context, the clue suggests that the psychic bartender not only serves drinks but also has the ability to accurately predict or influence the outcomes of events, metaphorically “calling the shots.”

17 Unworldly young woman: INGENUE
An ingenue refers to a young, innocent, and naive woman, particularly in the context of the performing arts, such as theater or film. The term is often used to describe a female character who possesses a youthful charm, purity, and lack of worldly experience. Ingenues are often depicted as fresh-faced, optimistic, and full of potential, embodying a certain innocence and vulnerability.

18 Maze setback: DEAD END
In the context of a maze, a “dead end” refers to a path or route that leads to no further progress or exit. It is a point where there is no way forward, and continuing in that direction would only result in reaching a point of no return. This crossword clue suggests that encountering a dead end in a maze is a setback, requiring the individual to retrace their steps or find an alternate route to continue.

24 Messy stack: HEAP
A “heap” refers to a disorganized or untidy pile or stack of objects. It implies a lack of order or arrangement, suggesting a jumble or mound of things that are haphazardly placed. The term “messy stack” suggests that the objects in the pile are not neatly arranged or sorted but rather scattered in a disorderly manner.

25 Steam room: SAUNA
A sauna is a small room or enclosed space specifically designed for inducing perspiration and promoting relaxation and wellness. It is typically heated to high temperatures, often by a stove or rocks, which creates a dry heat environment. Saunas are commonly used for therapeutic purposes, such as relaxation, detoxification, and improving circulation. The heat in a sauna is often generated by pouring water over heated rocks to produce steam.

30 Calculating, in a way: ADDING
In the context of the crossword clue, “calculating” suggests the act of performing mathematical operations or computations. “Adding” specifically refers to the process of combining numbers or quantities to find their sum. It implies that the calculation method being employed involves addition as a fundamental operation.

32 Theme park shuttle: TRAM
In the context of a theme park, a tram refers to a vehicle or mode of transportation that shuttles visitors within the park. Trams are commonly used to transport guests from parking lots or designated pick-up areas to the main entrance or different areas of the park. They provide a convenient and efficient way for visitors to move around and explore the various attractions and amenities within the theme park.

34 Sanctuary section: APSE
In architecture, an apse refers to a semi-circular or polygonal recess at the end of a building, typically found in religious structures such as churches or cathedrals. The apse often serves as a focal point or sanctuary area where the altar is located. It is usually adorned with decorative elements, including stained glass windows, sculptures, or intricate mosaics, creating a visually striking and spiritually significant space within the religious building.

38 Words from a promising couple? : I DO
The phrase “I do” is traditionally spoken during wedding ceremonies when couples exchange their vows. It is a symbolic affirmation and commitment to the marriage, indicating that each partner willingly and wholeheartedly accepts their role and responsibilities as a spouse. Saying “I do” is a declaration of the couple’s intent to enter into a lifelong partnership and honor their vows of love, loyalty, and support.

39 6.2 miles, roughly: TEN-K
In the context of distance measurement, “ten-k” refers to a ten-kilometer (10 km) distance. A kilometer is a unit of length commonly used in many countries outside the United States, while miles are more commonly used in the United States. A ten-kilometer distance is approximately equal to 6.2 miles. The term “ten-k” is often used informally or in casual conversation to refer to participating in or completing a 10-kilometer race or run.

40 Like the White Sox at Fenway Park: AWAY
In the context of sports, “away” refers to a team playing a game or match in a location that is not their home turf or stadium. When the White Sox, a baseball team from Chicago, play at Fenway Park, the home stadium of the Boston Red Sox, they are considered the “away” team. The term “away” signifies that they are visiting the opposing team’s home field, and they do not have the advantage of playing in their own stadium.

44 Election Day figure: VOTER
An election day figure refers to an individual who participates in the democratic process by casting their vote during an election. A voter plays a crucial role in selecting political representatives or deciding on important issues through their voting rights. Election day figures can be seen as active participants in shaping the political landscape and expressing their democratic voice through the electoral system.

45 Patriarch who “walked with God”: ENOCH
Enoch is a biblical figure mentioned in the Old Testament. According to the Book of Genesis, Enoch was a righteous man who “walked with God” and lived for 365 years before he was taken by God, bypassing death. His story is often seen as a testament to his exceptional faith and close relationship with the divine. The phrase “walked with God” implies a deep spiritual connection and a life guided by righteousness and devotion.

47 Spencer of “Good Morning America”: LARA
Lara Spencer is a television personality and journalist who gained prominence as a co-anchor on the popular morning show “Good Morning America.” She has had a successful career in broadcast journalism, covering a wide range of topics including entertainment, lifestyle, and human interest stories. Lara Spencer’s presence on the show has made her a familiar and well-respected figure in the television industry.

48 Holiday songs: CAROLS
Carols are traditional songs that are typically sung during the Christmas season. These songs often have religious or festive themes and are performed to celebrate and spread the joy of Christmas. Carols can be heard in various settings, including churches, homes, and public gatherings, and they contribute to the festive atmosphere during the holiday season.

49 Iditarod wear: ANORAK
In the context of the Iditarod, a famous long-distance sled dog race held annually in Alaska, an anorak refers to a type of heavy and durable jacket designed to withstand cold and harsh weather conditions. The Iditarod is known for its challenging terrain and extreme temperatures, and participants wear anoraks to protect themselves from the elements during the race.

50 The fearless trapeze artist…: GOT THE HANG OF IT
This crossword clue creates a playful scenario with wordplay. A trapeze artist is known for performing daring acrobatic maneuvers on a trapeze, displaying exceptional skill and fearlessness. The phrase “got the hang of it” is an idiomatic expression that means to have learned or become proficient in something, often after initial difficulty or practice. In this context, the clue suggests that the trapeze artist has mastered their craft and become skilled and confident in their abilities.

51 Bird that can run 30 mph: EMU
The emu is a large flightless bird native to Australia. It is known for its impressive running speed, capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour). Emus have long legs and powerful muscles, allowing them to cover ground quickly and efficiently. Their fast running ability is an adaptation that helps them evade predators and travel over long distances in their natural habitats.

52 Outer layer: RIND
The term “rind” refers to the tough or protective outer layer of certain fruits, vegetables, or cheeses. It is the outer covering that encases and protects the softer or edible parts inside. Examples of fruits with rinds include oranges, lemons, and watermelons. Similarly, some types of cheese have a rind that forms during the aging process, contributing to the flavor and texture of the cheese.

55 Dutch painter Jan: STEEN
Jan Steen was a Dutch painter from the 17th century, known for his genre paintings and depictions of everyday life. He was a prominent member of the Dutch Golden Age of painting and is celebrated for his lively and humorous scenes that often depict chaotic and humorous situations. Jan Steen’s works are characterized by their detailed compositions, vibrant colors, and the inclusion of moral or satirical messages.

58 Draw forth: EDUCE
To “educe” means to draw forth or bring out something, typically information, ideas, or insights. It implies the act of extracting or eliciting knowledge or understanding from a source or person. In various contexts, educing involves using one’s skills, questioning, or analyzing to uncover hidden or implicit information, often leading to a deeper understanding or revelation.

60 Starts operating, as a store: OPENS
When a store “opens,” it means that it begins its regular operations or becomes accessible to customers. Opening a store involves unlocking the doors, preparing the premises for business, and making products or services available for sale. This typically includes tasks such as stocking shelves, arranging displays, and ensuring that the store is ready to receive customers.

62 Sat in traffic, e.g.: IDLED
Idling refers to the act of remaining stationary or inactive without progressing or moving forward. When a person “sits in traffic” or experiences a traffic jam, they may find themselves idling in their vehicle, waiting for the traffic to clear. Idling can also refer to situations where a person or machine is not actively engaged in any productive activity but is instead in a state of rest or inactivity.

63 Fries in a little butter: SAUTES
To “sauté” is a cooking technique that involves quickly frying or cooking food in a small amount of fat, often butter or oil, over high heat. When you sauté fries in a little butter, it means that you are frying the fries in a pan with a small amount of melted butter, allowing them to cook quickly and develop a crispy texture and enhanced flavor.

64 Quick: SPEEDY
“Speedy” refers to something that is fast or quick in its movement or execution. It implies a high rate of speed or rapidness. It can describe various things, including actions, processes, or objects. In the context of the crossword clue, “quick” is synonymous with “speedy,” indicating something that happens or is done rapidly or without delay.

66 Lab gelatins: AGARS
Agar is a gelatinous substance derived from seaweed and is commonly used in laboratories, particularly in microbiology and molecular biology. Agar provides a solid medium for cultivating microorganisms, as it can retain moisture, nutrients, and facilitate the growth of bacteria, fungi, or other microorganisms. It is often used to prepare agar plates or agarose gels for scientific experiments, testing, and research purposes.

67 Wrongdoing: SIN
A “sin” refers to an act that is considered morally wrong or violates religious or ethical principles. It is typically associated with transgressions against divine or societal laws. Sin often implies a moral or spiritual failing and carries connotations of guilt, wrongdoing, or deviation from accepted standards of behavior. The concept of sin is present in various religious and ethical systems, where individuals are encouraged to refrain from sin and seek forgiveness or redemption.

69 Hawaii’s Mauna __: KEA
Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is the highest peak in the state, with its summit reaching an elevation of 13,803 feet (4,207 meters) above sea level. Mauna Kea is renowned for its astronomical observatories due to its high altitude and favorable observing conditions. It is considered a sacred site in Hawaiian culture and holds cultural and spiritual significance.

73 __ academy: NAVAL
A naval academy is an educational institution that provides training and education for individuals pursuing careers in the naval forces, such as the navy or maritime service. Naval academies offer academic programs, physical training, and specialized instruction to prepare individuals for various roles within the naval sector, including officers and other personnel. These academies often emphasize leadership, discipline, and technical skills related to naval operations.

74 Selassie of Ethiopia: HAILE
Haile Selassie was the Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 until his overthrow in 1974. He is considered an important figure in Ethiopian history and African politics. Haile Selassie was known for his efforts to modernize Ethiopia, promote education, and advocate for African unity and independence. He also played a significant role in international diplomacy and was a prominent voice in global affairs during his time as emperor.

75 Fast one: SCAM
A “scam” refers to a dishonest or fraudulent scheme or operation aimed at deceiving others for personal gain or advantage. Scams can take various forms, such as fraudulent schemes, confidence tricks, or deceptive practices. The term “fast one” suggests a quick or clever maneuver used to deceive someone. Scams often involve false promises, misrepresentations, or manipulative tactics to trick individuals into parting with their money, personal information, or other valuable assets.

78 WNBA stat: REBS
In the context of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), “REBS” is an abbreviation for “rebounds.” Rebounds are a statistical category in basketball that refers to the act of gaining possession of the ball after a missed shot attempt by the opposing team. A rebound can be secured by either an offensive player (offensive rebound) or a defensive player (defensive rebound). Rebounds are an important statistic in evaluating a player’s performance and contribution to the game.

81 Nike’s __-fit fabric: DRI
Nike’s “Dri-FIT” fabric is a specialized material used in their athletic apparel and sportswear. Dri-FIT is designed to wick moisture away from the body, helping to keep athletes dry and comfortable during physical activity. The fabric is engineered to quickly absorb sweat and transfer it to the outer layer of the garment, where it can evaporate more easily. Dri-FIT technology is commonly used in Nike’s performance-oriented clothing, including shirts, shorts, and leggings.

83 Honked: TOOTED
In the context of sounds made by vehicles or musical instruments, “toot” refers to a short, sharp, and often high-pitched sound. When a vehicle honks or “toots,” it produces a brief and loud sound, typically from its horn, to alert others or communicate a message. The term “honked” is often used to describe the action of a vehicle emitting a tooting sound from its horn. Honking is commonly used in traffic situations to indicate warnings, signals, or express frustration.

85 Flair: ELAN
“Flair” refers to a distinctive style or elegance displayed in one’s actions, behavior, or artistic expression. It suggests a certain panache, confidence, or flamboyance that sets an individual apart and adds a touch of uniqueness or charm to their demeanor. Having flair often implies a natural ability to captivate or impress others with a sense of flair, whether it be in fashion, performance, or personal interactions.

86 Like fluffy towels: SOFT
When towels are described as “soft,” it means that they have a pleasant and gentle texture. Soft towels are typically made from materials such as high-quality cotton or microfiber, which provide a smooth and velvety feel against the skin. Softness in towels is often associated with comfort, luxury, and a high level of absorbency, making them desirable for use in bathing, swimming, or general hygiene purposes.

90 Deep black: EBON
“Deep black” is a description used to convey a shade or color that is extremely dark and rich, resembling the intensity of blackness. The word “ebon” is often used poetically or archaically to describe a deep, lustrous black color. It can evoke a sense of darkness, mystery, or elegance when used to depict objects, surfaces, or materials that possess an intense and almost impenetrable black hue.

92 Prompt: CUE
In the context of cues, a “cue” is a signal or prompt that indicates an action, response, or line of dialogue. It is commonly used in performance arts, such as theater or film, to guide actors, musicians, or technicians. A cue can be auditory, visual, or verbal and serves as a prompt for a specific action or timing. For example, in theater, a lighting cue may indicate when a specific lighting effect should occur, or a director may give an actor a cue to deliver their next line.

93 Stevie Wonder’s “__ She Lovely”: ISN’T
“Isn’t She Lovely” is a popular song by Stevie Wonder, released in 1976. It is a joyful and melodic tribute to his newborn daughter, Aisha. The song celebrates the beauty and wonder of a newborn baby and expresses the overwhelming joy and love experienced by a parent. “Isn’t She Lovely” has become one of Stevie Wonder’s signature songs and remains a beloved and enduring classic in his discography.

95 Skipped an early appointment, maybe: SLEPT IN
To “sleep in” means to remain asleep or stay in bed longer than usual, especially in the morning when one would typically wake up. When someone skips an early appointment because they slept in, it suggests that they overslept and failed to wake up in time to attend the scheduled engagement or commitment. Sleeping in can occur due to various reasons, such as exhaustion, relaxation, or simply not setting an alarm clock.

96 Piercing place: EARLOBE
The “earlobe” refers to the soft, fleshy lower part of the external ear. It is the most common and traditional location for ear piercings. Earlobe piercings involve making a small hole in the earlobe tissue to insert decorative jewelry such as earrings. Earlobe piercings are popular worldwide and can be done for various cultural, aesthetic, or personal reasons. The earlobe is typically considered a safe and relatively painless area to pierce compared to other parts of the ear.

97 Short work of fiction: NOVELLA
A novella is a work of fiction that falls in length between a short story and a full-length novel. It is typically longer and more complex than a short story but shorter and more focused than a novel. Novellas often explore a single storyline or theme with depth and detail while maintaining a concise narrative structure. They allow authors to delve into characters, settings, and ideas with greater depth than a short story while still maintaining a sense of brevity.

99 Broaden: WIDEN
To “widen” means to make something wider or broader in size or extent. It implies expanding the width or scope of something, whether it be a physical space, an idea, a range of possibilities, or a perspective. The act of widening can involve making a space or gap larger, increasing the breadth of knowledge or understanding, or broadening the scope of an argument or discussion. It often suggests the idea of increasing size or expanding boundaries.

100 Curio stand: ETAGERE
An étagère is a type of open shelving unit or display stand, typically made of wood, metal, or glass, used to showcase decorative objects, curios, or personal belongings. It usually consists of multiple shelves or tiers arranged in a vertical or stepped fashion. Étagères are commonly used in interior design to add visual interest, provide storage or display space, and highlight decorative items such as figurines, vases, books, or artworks. They can range in design from simple and minimalist to ornate and intricate.

103 Name seen in many hotels: GIDEON
The name “Gideon” is commonly seen in many hotels as it refers to Gideon Bibles. Gideon’s International is an evangelical Christian organization that distributes Bibles worldwide, including placing them in hotel rooms. These Bibles are often placed in bedside drawers or on desks to provide spiritual reading material for guests during their stay. The tradition of placing Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms began in the early 20th century as a way to spread the Christian faith and offer guests access to religious literature.

105 Gentlemen: SIRS
“Sirs” is a respectful form of address used to refer to or address men in a polite or formal manner. It is commonly used in written or spoken communication as a way to show courtesy, respect, or deference. “Sirs” is often used in professional settings, formal correspondence, or when addressing a group of individuals in a respectful manner. It is a plural form of “sir” and can be used as a general term of address for multiple men or as an honorific title when addressing someone directly.

106 Curtain rod decoration: FINIAL
A finial is a decorative ornament or accent piece that is placed on top of a curtain rod. It serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, providing a decorative finishing touch to the rod and enhancing the overall appearance of curtains or draperies. Finials can come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, ranging from simple and understated designs to elaborate and intricate motifs. They can add a touch of elegance, style, or thematic element to window treatments, complementing the overall decor of a room.

107 Zambia neighbor: ANGOLA
Angola is a country located in Southern Africa and is bordered by several other nations, including Zambia. It shares its eastern border with Zambia, forming part of the boundary between the two countries. Angola is known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse natural landscapes, and significant natural resources, particularly its oil reserves. The border between Angola and Zambia stretches across hundreds of kilometers and represents a geographical and political boundary between the two neighboring countries.

108 Bureau: AGENCY
In the context of the crossword clue, “bureau” refers to an agency. An agency is an organization or entity responsible for a specific function or activity. It is often a governmental or administrative body that has the authority to regulate, oversee, or provide services in a particular area. Examples of agencies include government departments, law enforcement bodies, regulatory commissions, and non-profit organizations. The term “bureau” can be used interchangeably with “agency” to describe such entities.

111 Do lunch?: CATER
The phrase “do lunch” is a colloquial expression that refers to the act of having a lunch meeting or social gathering with someone. In the context of the crossword clue, “cater” is the answer. Catering involves providing food and services for events, meetings, or gatherings. When someone caters, they prepare and supply food, beverages, and sometimes other services, such as table settings or staff, to ensure that the attendees of an event are well-fed and taken care of. “Do lunch? Cater” suggests the idea of providing food and services for a lunch meeting or gathering.

112 Wipe clean: ERASE
To “wipe clean” means to remove or eliminate marks, stains, or information from a surface, often using a cloth, eraser, or cleaning agent. In the context of the crossword clue, “erase” is the answer. Erasing involves eliminating written or drawn content by rubbing or applying pressure to a surface, such as a chalkboard, whiteboard, paper, or electronic device. The action of erasing allows for a fresh start, removing previous marks or information to create a clean slate or space for new content or ideas.

114 Has legs, so to speak: LASTS
The expression “has legs” is a figurative phrase used to describe something that endures, remains popular, or has staying power over a period of time. In the context of the crossword clue, “lasts” is the answer. It suggests that something, such as an idea, trend, product, or concept, has the ability to remain relevant, successful, or influential for an extended duration. The phrase implies that the subject has the capability to sustain interest, relevance, or effectiveness beyond initial expectations or trends.

116 Clothing: DUDS
“Duds” is a colloquial term for clothing or garments. It is often used in a casual or informal context to refer to clothes in a general sense. The term “duds” can encompass various types of clothing, including shirts, pants, dresses, suits, and other apparel items. It is typically used in a lighthearted or playful manner and can connote a sense of informality or everyday attire.

118 Pen points: NIBS
In the context of the crossword clue, “pen points” refers to the tips or writing ends of pens. The nib is the part of a pen that comes into contact with the writing surface, allowing ink to flow onto the page. Nibs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and they can affect the style of handwriting, the thickness or thinness of lines, and the overall writing experience. Nibs are an essential component of fountain pens, dip pens, and calligraphy pens.

119 Every which way: AMOK
The phrase “every which way” is an idiomatic expression that means in all directions, without order or control, or in a chaotic manner. In the context of the crossword clue, “amok” is the answer. Going “amok” or “running amok” originated from the Malay word “amuk” and refers to a state of frenzied or uncontrollable behavior. It suggests acting or moving in a wild, uncontrolled, or unruly manner, often with a sense of disorder or confusion.

120 Moving with ease: SPRY
To move with ease means to exhibit agility, quickness, or nimbleness in one’s movements. In the context of the crossword clue, “spry” is the answer. “Spry” describes someone who is lively, energetic, and agile, particularly in their physical movements. It suggests a person who displays a youthful or lively demeanor and is capable of moving with ease, grace, and quickness. The term is often associated with older individuals who maintain a remarkable level of vitality and agility.

124 Start of some subj. lines: FWD
In the context of the crossword clue, “FWD” is an abbreviation for “forward.” It refers to the act of forwarding or sending something, often used in email or digital communication. The clue suggests that the beginning of some subject lines in emails or messages may include “FWD” to indicate that the content has been forwarded from another sender or source. It is a common practice to include “FWD” or “Forward” in the subject line of an email to provide context and inform the recipient that the message is a forwarded communication.

125 N.Y.’s AOC, e.g.: REP
In this crossword clue, “AOC” stands for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is a prominent political figure from New York. “REP” is an abbreviation for “representative.” The clue indicates that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, is an example of a representative. A representative, often abbreviated as “rep,” is an elected official who represents a specific geographical area or constituency, advocating for their interests and concerns in a legislative body, such as a congress or parliament.

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